Obstruction to complain to the police, but why?


Ritika Roy, DNI: The young man who went to report the theft was not allowed to enter the police station because he was wearing shorts. A resident of Picnic Garden has made such a complaint on Facebook.
The incident started on July 17. Barnik Dutt, a resident of Picnic Garden in the Kasba area, went to Kasba Thana around 5 pm on July 17 to complain of theft. He was wearing half-pants at the time. Abhishek said he went to the police station to report the theft but his objection was not taken because he was wearing shorts. After this incident, he became vocal on social media. However, his question as a citizen remains, is there any dress code for filing a complaint with the police station? ‘
Barnik Dutta and his friend Abhishek Dey Biswas e-mailed a senior Calcutta police official to get their questions answered. Not only that, he wants to know by sending a message on his Twitter handle, “Is it forbidden to come to the police station to complain after wearing shorts?”
The issue of the Kasba police station was also raised. In response, the Kolkata police sent a message saying, ‘Are you going to the office wearing shorts?
From where the debate began. The Assistant Commissioner of Police is looking into the whole matter. He has already identified two citizen volunteers of the Kasba police station. The officer will submit the report in LalBazar this evening.


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