Parthenium or Gajar Ghans A terrible weed


In modern human civilization, the imbalance of the environment has become the root cause of all the physical and mental suffering of the animal kingdom. The constant depletion of pollution and the constant depletion of what is good in the environment and the free movement of harmful substances have repeatedly pointed the finger at the apathy and unconsciousness of human civilization. Our indifference to the poisonous parthenium also indicates this. In the last few years, we have not even become aware that parthenium has become a cause of uncontrolled growth and disease. Today people have their backs to the wall; Asthma, bronchitis, allergies and other airborne diseases are on the rise in every home; Weeds called parthenium are causing severe damage to crops in areas where parthenium is abundant. Parthenium is an indigenous weed of Mexico.

This parthenium is slowly gaining ground all over the world. Pollen is spread through the air and causes pollution, and it enters the body of all animals, including cattle and humans, through respiration. Parthenium enters the human body and causes skin diseases like dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis, allergies etc. In addition, drinking the milk of infected cattle can cause us various problems.

#How_to_destroy Parthenium_hysterophorus

  1. Mix one kg of salt in three to four liters of water and spray the parthenium plant with the help of sprayer machine. The weeds will die in two or three days.
  2. When it is dry, light a fire. You must take the necessary precautions when setting fire.
  3. You can also uproot. However, only those trees that have not yet seen flowers can be uprooted. When it dies and dries, it has to be set on fire.
  4. The nose and face must be well covered with a mask or towel, and gloves must be worn. It is also better to wear full sleeve dress and full pants.
  5. After any procedure, the clothes should be washed well and bathed with soap. Parthenium is the deadly weed of the modern world. People from all walks of life must come forward to eradicate this demon. In the vicinity of houses, ponds and rivers – wherever there is Parthenium, we all have to play a leading role in destroying it. We hope that we will soon be able to complete the work of destruction of Parthenium.

By Dipankar Banerjee


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