PK’s report seals radical change in Howrah Municipal Council


Kolkata: The state government has sealed the report sent by the team of state voting strategist Prashant Kishore. The administration of Howrah Municipality was radically changed. New faces were brought. The administration is holding an emergency meeting next week. It is learned that the meeting will have an urgent discussion on the overall development of Howrah.
Minister of State Arup Roy was earlier dismissed from the post of chairman of the Howrah Municipal Administrative Council. The team made this decision because of the one-man-one-Rank policy. Pediatrician Sujoy Chakraborty was brought in as the new chairman in place of Arup Babu. This time other posts in the administration were also reshuffled. As per the guidelines of the state government, a new face has been brought in as the vice chairman of the city administration. Saikat Chowdhury and Debangshu Das have been made vice chairmen. Saikat was a member of the past board of Howrah Municipality. He was the chairman of the 7th Borough Committee. Debangshu Das was also the chairman of the 7th Borough Committee. So both of them have experience in running the municipality administration. Judging from that, both of them were made vice chairmen of the governing body.
Besides, Manjit Raphael, Riaz Ahmed, Shantanu Bandyopadhyay, Bapi Manna, Anup Chakraborty and Dilip Ghosh have been brought as new members of the Administration. They were all past municipal councilors and members of the mayor’s council. Everyone has experience of running the municipality. This change is known to be based on that experience. Earlier, all the MLAs of Howrah city were retained as members of the governing body. This time no MLA was kept. The state government took this decision on the basis of the report sent by the team PK.


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