Plagiarism case on ‘Captain India’?

Plagiarism case on 'Captain India'?

Subhead: The plagiarism case has left the director baffled which is helmed by Hansal Mehta.

By: Riya Siddhacharjee

Operation Yemen producer Subhash Kale has accused the makers of ‘Captain India’ of plagiarism. Kale claimed that the plot of the movie is similar to the project which they have created, titled ‘Operation Yemen’. The plagiarism case has left the director baffled.
Speaking about the film ‘Operation Yemen’ is based on 2015 Operation Raahat when the Indian Armed Forces under General VK Singh evacuated both Indian as well as foreign nationals during the crisis which was created in Yamen.
Now, the poster doesn’t mention that whether it is on Operation Raahat or not. However, Subhash said that the ‘clear giveaways that their film is based on the same incident’.
In an interview with a famous portal of Mumbai, Subhash Kale said, “The idea has not leaked from our side…the city of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen is visible on their poster, just like how it’s depicted in our poster as well. And that city’s architecture and landscape are such that it doesn’t match with any other city in the world. Also, the poster shows carpet-bombing happening over the city, an airplane going over Sana’a, and the title Captain India are clear giveaways that their film is based on the same incident.”
Subhash Kale also revealed that several showed interest in Operation Yemen. “We had spoken to Akshay Kumar and he had liked the subject. Paresh Rawal has even given his nod.”.


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