Police inaction or Gender biasness? Shocking video of a girl hitting a man goes viral


Arunava Bhattacharya: DNI; A shocking video has gone trending recently where a girl is seen continuously hitting a man and also damaging his phone while the man is trying his best to reason.

A shocking video of a UP girl has emerged in which she can be seen to be hitting a man continuously in front of traffic police. Early details suggest that this event has occurred somewhere in Awadh, UP. The event seems to be occurring at a traffic intersection somewhere in Awadh where the girl continuously beats a man in front of the police and is surrounded by bystanders. The police seemed to take little to no action that seems to be infuriating the general witnesses, none of whom initially had come to aid the man.

It is worth noticing that the man even though being assaulted continuously doesn’t retaliate or hit back. He is instead shown asking people to call female police which basically is the norm for handling women offenders or suspects. He can be seen urging people to do something about his damaged mobile that can be seen being destroyed by the girl during the altercation.

Only one person from among the crowd came to help the man and allegedly he too has been similarly assaulted. This raises a question of police inaction and also gender equality. Many onlookers and people online have questioned what would have happened if it were the other way around and it was a man hitting a woman and if the spectators along with the police would just witness it with equal apathy. It remains to be seen if the girl in question is indeed arrested and faces legal charges for her actions.

This video is being heavily criticized by the netizens and the hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl has become trending on Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


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