‘Pyancha’: A reel-real clash?


As the multiplex is still shut for the Covid scenario, it is best to watch the online movie release.
Rom-com’s are always a favorite genre loved by all. If we look closely, the thriller part is always an interesting genre to watch out for. This clears the stage for ‘Pyancha’. This psychological and crime thriller brings forth something interesting and unique. The story roles out when a crime thriller writer travel solo to a hill station for her new books, a new story. Eventually, she delves deep into her story and starts to question her storyline. Her delusion and reality compile and soon the protagonist starts to question her real life.
The web series is directed by Anirban Chatterjee. Moubani Sarkar will play the role of the writer. Apart from her, Partho Sathi, Priyanka Pandit, and many more. The shooting will start next month and this dark web series will release on Digiplex Tv.


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