Ready to fly in ‘AirCar’..?

Ready to fly in 'AirCar

Airplane, Jet, Spaceship now a CAR!
Car and Flying seem to be not for ‘muggle heads’ but maybe for the Magical world.
Things seem to be changing for good. A flying car!
Yes, you heard us right.
A flying car or Sircar by Klein Vision made the world say ‘What..! This is impossible’. But, this news is as true as it can be. AirCar by Klein Vision is a dual-mode flying car that took a step towards getting into production as a prototype completed a 35-minute inter-city test flight in Slovakia.
Recently, a video went viral showing a sleek-looking car taking off from an airfield in Nitra. The Sircar get airborne and landed safely in the country’s capital Bratislava. Even two planes few by its side to record the whole procedure. Quite odd but the impossible was made possible by Klein. This car shape appeared wider than any regular plane. Without any hitch, the car changed its direction.  During the 40 hours of test flights, it underwent steep turns and maneuverability testing. It has flown at 8,200 feet (2,499m) and reached a maximum cruising speed of 190kmph.
Some congratulated the team behind this project on their YouTube video.
“Congratulations. I feel so proud even though I’m just a regular human,” said user Luel Zone


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