India Evacuate Officials From Kandahar, MEA Response To Media

Priti Singh, DNI: Soon after the tension erupts in Afghanistan India Evacuated approx 50 Officials & Security Personnel. It reports that clashes...

Afghanistan Was Again Shaken By The Taliban Attack, 17 Casualties

Afghanistan is the victim of another explosion. The government of that country has been trying for a long time to establish peace, but repeated attempts by militants have failed.

Ten Chinese Communist Spies Captured In Afghanistan, Jinping’s Face Losses

An embarrassing situation has arisen for China when a 10-member Chinese spy module was arrested in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Blast In Afghanistan: Afghanistan Blown By Bomb Blasts Again, 9 People Died, Many Injured

There are two major bomb blasts in Afghanistan today. These blasts have been carried out in different provinces of the country.

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