Bengali Dishes

Ishaa and her ‘food treats’

Actress Ishaa Saha is a self-proclaimed foody, who loves Kolkata and enjoys exploring its food.The love for food started in her college days, she...

The sweet tale of Love!

We meekly say that Bengalis are known for their connection to ‘rosogolla’ but let’s not forget the ultimate sweet dish of Kolkatan’s will be...

Gondhoraj Ghol: Drink of the Gods!

The cooling drink has magical power to all those who came home after a hard and tiring day. The temperature feels like it would burn...

Vegetarian Bengali Dishes

We love everything from veg or non-veg sections. Here I am listing out few of the mouth-watering vegetarian Bengali dishes which are a must try for everyone.

5 Most Delicious Bengali Dishes

Whether it be Alu posto or luchi, you should try these out. Bengali dishes are the most delicious and you are going to miss these if you don’t taste these.

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