Teleperformance’s decision to install CCTV cameras in employee homes to monitor WFH activity raises questions on ethics and privacy


Sukrity Sarkar, DNI: As the Covid-19 pandemic goes on and employees are forced to continue working from home, call center giant Teleperformance is rumored to install CCTV cameras to monitor their employees raising questions on privacy and ethics.

Call center giant Teleperformance is planning to install AI powered CCTV cameras in employee homes and computers to monitor the WFH employees. This has raised employee concerns about employee privacy and ethics of the company. Teleperformance, which serves a prestigious list of clients including – Apple, Uber and Google, has said that employees who are working for a certain list of clients who require high degree of security related to the projects might fall under the purview of the CCTV installation due to “security requirements”.

Teleperformance has said that it is committed towards employee privacy and the installation of these AI powered CCTV will be done in accordance to the existing labour laws regarding employee privacy and security. Sources at Teleperformance have maintained that under no circumstances will any unnecessary information regarding the employees be collected and that the CCTV cameras will at regular intervals only take snapshots of the employees for monitoring purposes.

However, employees are not too happy with the decision. A female employee who said she works from her bedroom is not too excited with the prospect of having a CCTV camera in the bedroom. NBC journalist Olivia Solon recently tweeted regarding the claims of Teleperformance saying that other than Uber none of the clients like Apple or Amazon requested any additional monitoring of the employees. Sources suggest that Teleperformance might also be pressuring employees to sign contracts of agreement for this move.

It remains to be seen if Teleperformance finally goes ahead with this plan or finds a workaround in face of media and employee outrage.


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