The Boy Who Sacrificed His Life With A Smiling Face

The Boy Who Sacrificed His Life With A Smiling Face

Riki Das Biswas, DNI: Khudiram Bose Attained Martyrdom On This Day in 1908. On this day, 113 years back, a young and fearless man of 18 years age went to the gallows with a smile of satisfaction on his face. He knew that the revolution which has been started will spread like a wildfire in no time longer and his sacrifice will not go in vain. Yes, we are talking about one of the youngest and the most daring revolutionaries of that time, Khudiram Bose.

Bose is regarded as one of the most fearless amongst all the young revolutionaries of that period. His attempt to kill Judge Douglas Kingsford (who was transferred to Muzaffarpur from Bengal) went unsuccessful after several events, and in this course, two of the British women were killed instead of the Judge. Another young revolutionary, Prafulla Chaki, was also involved in the plan of murdering Douglas Kingsford, but he killed himself before he could be arrested. Khudiram Bose, on the other hand, was arrested and brought at the Muzaffarpur Police Station. It is said that almost the whole town gathered at the railway station to see the young boy. Khudiram Bose cried, ‘Vande Mataram’ with a smile on his lips, and took full responsibility for the assassination.

On July 13, 1908, Khudiram Bose was tried and sentenced to death. When the Judge asked him that whether he understood the meaning of his judgment, Bose smiled and said, “Yes, I do understand the meaning of the sentence but I wish to rectify something. My lawyer said that I am too young to make bombs but in reality, if I get some time before leaving the courtroom, I would have taught you the skills of making bombs as well.” The student community protested on the streets of Kolkata, soon after his arrest. He was finally executed on August 11, 1908.


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