The silver lining of the society

The silver lining of the society

Even though she faced struggle but kept her mission and aim very clear. Basu is dedicated to correcting wrongs, one at a time

Some Stories will make us awestruck and some will make us fall in love with the storyline. Well, one such story is based on Urmi Basu 
It started way back in the year 2000 which changed the life of Ms. Basu when she took a long walk down the dark lanes dilapidated lanes of Kalighat. The founder of ‘New Light’ non-profit organization and the untold story. Nineteen years ago, Ms. Basu combined her passion and guts for gender equality and to help those who failed to raise any voice.
A trained sociologist who credits her parents to be a compassionate agent of change. Her organization does not work towards influencing legislation ad she does not work the way societal norms go.
Without any funding or any support Basu and two young members of the Kalighat community, Krishna Mondol and Shib Narayan Bhattacharjee set up the non-profit organization. It is a haven for trafficked sex workers in the city, an estimated 40,000. For sure it’s no small task and takes a lot of guts to work through the process and interesting Basu never steps back as she took the stand and worked along with the hiccups. With great determination and the team’s spirit of this non-profit organization, is a safe place, protection for the children, the woman even the survivors from HIV/AIDS. 
They provide education, nutritional support, healthcare to those who are in dire need of it. Speaking of which at this age Basu works and makes sure her organization can help more than what contribution it is making towards society. Her motto is to make sure things go back to normal and works towards the needy should be done constantly. As she said, ” Evey things have a good-bad-worst side. I took the step as someone has to take a stand. It could have been anyone. If not me then anyone else from the society. Not everything we see is true. Some things are hidden below the underline and we all fail to read them. Everyone is busy and it’s true. It’s up to us what should be done and what needs to look after. I took the stand, and I am sure someone else in near future will do it. I don’t need to choose anyone, it is all about willpower.”
Urmi Basu received the Nari Shakti award 2018, which is India’s highest civilian award for recognizing the achievement and contribution of women from Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. Even though she faced struggle but kept her mission and aim very clear. Basu is dedicated to correcting wrongs, one at a time.
Kalighat not only had history, but it also holds the essence of change and creates some stories which will be in those pages of history forever and more!


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