Tokyo Olympics: ‘Gharki’ beti making India proud

Tokyo Olympics: 'Gharki' beti making India proud

Someone truly said, ‘From Lucknow to Tokyo girls are in news..!’ Jokes apart some stories are good to be true. Especially during the Tokyo Games where girls are shining like a diamond.
We bring you four such brave, strong-headed girls who are creating history and making a difference. Let’s meet 4 such ladies who made India proud at the Tokyo Olympics 2021.
1. Bhavani Devi: The first-ever fencer to represent India at the Olympics. Meet the 27 years old Bhavani Devi who’s a journey started with bamboo sticks instead of a sword. Its uniqueness made her stay on, even though the obstacles in the way were plenty—fear of injury, no job prospects, and financial burdens. Back in 2014, she had to leave due to her financial problems but later found financial support and that made her keep going.

2. Pranati Nayak: Only the second Indian gymnast to qualify for the Olympics. Nayak is 26-year-old and thrives to work hard. Daughter of a homemaker and a bus driver from Jhargram in West Bengal, Nayak made it to Olympics 2020 through a continental quota.

3. PV Sindhu: The 26 years old lady and the only Indian woman to win two Olympic medals. The badminton star not only made her parents proud, but she also made her Nation even more proud. Recently, she returned to India and received a warm welcome.

4. Annu Rai: Meet Annu Rai, who was teased by her neighbors and said her ‘Annu throws like a girl. She is the lone jovial thrower who made her father proud and became the first woman to breach the 60-m mark. Not only that’s, but she is also the only second person from India to represent at Olympics in the category of Javelin throw.


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