Two doses of vaccine cut the mortality rate below 95% : Dr. VK Paul


Dhiraj Das, DNI: Dr. VK Paul, Member (Health) noted a study done by ICMR that two doses of vaccine were successful in thwarting the Covid-deaths. One dose of vaccine was able to reduce the mortality rate below 82% and two doses were able to reduce the death for Covid by 95% in the second wave of Covid-19.
ICMR has done this study in Tamilnadu, at the high risk people for Covid-19. The study was done on around 117,524 police personnel where 32,792 number of police jabbed with their first dose only, and the fatalities were 7. Two doses of vaccine inoculated on 67,673 police personnel, among them, 4 police died.
The statistics say two doses of the vaccine are 95% efficient in preventing death for Covid-19 during the second wave.
Since the study was conducted during the second wave, which was driven by Delta variant, implying that the vaccine is effective against Delta variant.
Niti Aayog member (Health) Dr VK Paul said
“This real-life study found that two doses of a vaccine were successful in preventing 95% of deaths due to Covid-19 and this is in the midst of the second wave driven by the Delta variant,”


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