Unknown Bacteria outbreak at Bankura still 3 dies


Swarup Das Kankata based gentleman was admitted to Bankura Medical College with vomiting and toilet symptoms but could not be saved. In the same way, two more died in this area. Bankura Municipality sent a medical team to the area after receiving the news. ORS was delivered. Besides, water samples from a local pond and municipal pipeline were also collected on the day.
Aloka Sen Majumder, the chairperson of the board of governors of Bankura municipality, said the municipality did not yet know the cause of death of the three. However, with vomiting, diarrheas, many people have fallen ill with these symptoms. Upon receiving the news, the municipality sent a medical team to the area. And the municipality is keeping an eye on the whole situation. Infection with vomiting, diarrheas, and dizziness is thought to be caused by a water-borne bacterium. And there is a kind of intestinal outbreak in Kankata, the medical team of the municipality thinks so.


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