Vishal Seth Murder mystery to be solved soon?


Priyanka Pal: DNI; The case of Vishal Seth murder whose hearing was pending since March 2021 took a new turn as CJM Smt. Kiran Gond directed the Kotwali Police to file an FIR against Rinki Seth wife of Vishal Seth along with children Akshay and Aditya.

On behalf of the 4 sisters of the deceased Advocate Ram Gopal Yadav was fighting the case against suspect Rinki Seth. It can be expected that this turn of events might lead to discovery of crores of Property which might as well be a critical motive in this murder. The accused will be taken into custody as soon as FIR is lodged today.

Vishal Seth died unnaturally on 14th August 2020. Sultanpur District Court has passed such an order to reveal the cause of death and the motive behind it. The district court order might finally reveal the truth behind the murder which remained unresolved for almost a year now and bring justice to the victims.


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