Wait what? Now you can charge your gadgets through your fingers!!!!


Technology and humans go hand-in-hand. We have invented many historical creations. Be it Artificial Intelligence or any technological advancement. The human race has learned fast and innovating every step with each passing day. Now a novel wearable device can convert a finger’s touch into a power source for small electronics and sensors.
Yes! You have heard us right.
Engineers from the University of California, San Diego created something one step closer to future technology. The group of scientists created a thin, flexible strip that will be worn on a fingertip. This small chip can generate small amounts of energy when a person’s finger sweats or presses against it.
What does it do?
Well, according to researchers, wearing this strip for 10 hours can generate a charge which can operate a piece of electronic equipment that can run a watch for 24 hours. More to be heard that, a new technology which is developed by the researchers that will allow the users to charge their cellphone and watches while they are in sleep.
The best part is, no physical input is required to charge the gadgets. According to Lu Yin, who is a doctoral student and co-author said, “Unlike other sweat-powered wearables, this one requires no exercise, no physical input from the wearer to be useful. This work is a step forward to making wearables more practical, convenient, and accessible for the everyday person.”
The question remains, are you willing to try this product if it arrives on market?


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