Webinar for Mental Health


Positive and sound mental health are the two most important points to keep in mind for an individual to be in shape for the overall well being
Stating these two terms, “Monoshij” which means “mind from within” in Bengali came into light. A team of efficient Doctors came together to clear the viewpoint of the human mind and mental health. Pandemic made us quite vulnerable and the webinar clarified several topics based on- heart space, power of surrounding, and ‘Being Limitless’. To discuss the fact, Dr. Sabysachi Mitra, Rabindrasangeet exponent Ms. Sraboni Sen, elocutionist Bratati Bandyopadhyay and holistic coach, integrated clinical hypnotherapist and trans-personal regression therapist Indrani Sinha Seth covered on the topic started from 22nd May to Saturday 24th July. However, the brainchild of the project is Professor Manoshi Roychowdhury (Co-chairman of Techno India Group) and her team of experts joined a webinar which was a counseling session on the topic of combat stress, anxiety, and depression of individuals during this time.


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