When Bengali food created HISTORY!


Work and passion always synchronize very well whenever they are under the spotlight. Even if they are not in the spotlight, still food and passion for food are a win-win situation.
Speaking about that, Bengali food is one of the most underrated palettes that even after so many years it remains undiscovered. Take any dish, it has everything from carbs, to proteins, to fats, to vitamins and minerals in the best possible balance with a burst of flavors that can amaze any foodie.
One woman took the charge to change the viewpoint of the Bengali dish and present it to the world. Chef Justin Narayan may have bragged the MasterChef Australia Season 13 title, but it was Bangladeshi chef Kishwar Chowdhury who won millions of hearts. She did put Bengali dishes on the world map.
But what did she cook? Well, she cooked water steamed rice (panta bhaat) and presented it in front of the three world-class judges.
The mother of two not only made her mother, grandmother proud but she did create a legacy for her kids.


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