Who Paid Pegasus Spyware”? Ask Subramanian Swamy


Priti Singh, DNI; Despite massive controversy over Pegasus Spyware recently, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has now pitch questions and ask who paid them (Pegasus Spyware) for the Indian “operation”. He also urges the Modi-led government to clarifies on the Pegasus “snooping” claims levelled by an international consortium of media houses. In spite of getting clarification from the IT Minister of India in the parliament session still confusion rolling around it. Various political parties have demanded a strong investigation over snooping over the phones.

BJP MP wrote, “It is quite clear that Pegasus Spyware is a commercial company which works on paid contracts. So the inevitable question arises on who paid them for the Indian “operation”. If it is not Govt of India, then who? It is the Modi government’s duty to tell the people of India.”


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