Why Bong girls are way better than any other girl..!!!

Why Bong girls are way better than any other girl

Be it a date or just a normal boy-girl friendship or any cordial relationship, Bengali girls are indeed born near to perfect!
She knows how to spice up life just like the way you want it but never states it out loud. She defines the term ‘Complete’ in every sense possible. She yells at you, still, she cares, she is rude yet loving. She is irresistible..!!!  Being a traditional Bengali woman with a tab bite of oomph within ourselves is always a ‘miracle’. With the change of tradition, Bengali girls have adopted themselves with it. Be it Bollywood, Tollywood, or any other international platform, Bengali girls are portrayed with the tag of ‘obedience’.  Well, if that’s the case then, let us satisfy you with few reasons and let you know the other side of ‘Bengali Ladki’.
Here are the 5 reasons why Bengali girls are way better than any other girls:

#1. You’re born a fashionista. Yes! Swag and Tradition can be blend and Bengali Girls know it how.

#2. You’re assertive- you know what to see and when not to. Trust me, you are more or less like Piku from the movie “Piku”.

#3. OOH boy..!! you’re a foodie and everyone knows that. You know how to balance between two.

#4. You and Kajal (kohl)…!! Your partner simply loves them. Whoever said ‘Diamonds are girls’ best friend..’ should check those hypnotizing eyes.

#5. You know how to get along with everyone and still be yourself.


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