Happy Birthday Sonu Sood – 10 Amazing facts about the Actor turned Philanthropist

Happy Birthday Sonu Sood - 10 Amazing facts about the Actor turned Philanthropist

Wishing Sonu Sood a very Happy Birthday. The person who primarily got recognition playing negative roles in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu movies and stood up to the massive humanitarian crisis in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic redefining celebrity philanthropy as we know it.

Sonu Sood is the person who primarily gained recognition playing negative characters and anti-heroes in the mainstream Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil movies. However, he went beyond his lucrative acting career and soon turned into a philanthropist and was one of the biggest names to whom people sought help during the initial crisis that resulted during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Looking at 10 amazing facts about Sonu Sood whose acts transformed him from a reel villain to a real-life hero while wishing him a very Happy 48th Birthday

Sonu Sood started his career with an income of Rs. 4500: Sonu Sood who was born and brought up in Mooga, Punjab studied Engineering and earned a meager wage of Rs. 4500 when he first landed up in Mumbai. He is said to have bought denim with that salary, used a Local train pass for his daily commute while sharing a room with other boys.

He made it to the top 5 of Grasim Mr. India Competition: Sonu Sood appeared in Grasim Mr. India Competition and made it to the top 5. This might have been instrumental in landing his first movie Kallazhagar a Tamil feature and also played the antagonist in a Telugu film Hands Up!

He married early at the age of 23: Sonu Sood has always kept his personal life from the limelight unlike most celebrities in Bollywood. He married Sonali Sood in 1996 when he was only 23 and Sonali had stood by him since his struggling days.

Made his Bollywood Debut by playing the role of Bhagat Singh: Sonu Sood having gained some traction in the South Indian industry made his Bollywood Debut with Shaahed-E-Azam in 2002 where he played the role of Bhagat Singh.

Sonu Sood reminded Aishwarya Rai of her “Pa”: Aishwarya Rai who is known to be quite reserved in real life had opened up to Sonu Sood on the sets of Jodha Akbar where Sonu Sood played the role of Jodha’s (Aishwarya) brother. Sonu reminded Aishwarya of her Father and to this day is called Bhai Sahab by Aishwarya.

He has starred in two Chinese movies Xuanzang and Kung Fu Yoga: Sonu Sood has starred in two Chinese movies so far. The first one was Xuanzang where he starred Emperor Harshavardhana and also acted alongside Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga.

He arranged flights from his own pocket during the pandemic: During 2020 when the world went to lockdown leaving people stranded overseas and within the country, Sonu Sood arranged for Chartered flights that rescued 1500 students from Kyrgyzstan and also 100 students from Russia.

Turned into a real-life hero by helping hundreds and thousands impacted by Covid 19 Pandemic: Some of his other philanthropic feats include buying tractors for poor farmers, arranging Buses, trains to help migrant laborers and workers stranded due to the nationwide lockdown, and arranging the much-needed oxygen for whoever requested within the earliest time possible. Having saved numerous lives during the pandemic Sonu Sood soon turned into a real-life hero.

I Am No Messiah Sonu’s memoir of his social endeavors: In order to create awareness about the pandemic and his social endeavors to help people, he wrote the memoir along with Meena Iyer. Even though some lauded it as a noble effort his memoir stirred controversy, some calling it a publicity stunt by sonu Sood while others criticizing the literary style and calling the work Ghostwritten. Amazon where the book was on sale had to disable the review feature due to multiple review bombing issues on the book.

Sambhavam – IAS Scholarship initiative: He has also recently launched Sambhavam a Scholarship initiative that aims at helping financially underprivileged students take up UPSC exam and thus creating a new generation of Administrative officers.

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