Woman returned home after 100 days in Kolkata


Ritika Roy, DNI: A young woman who spent 100 days in ventilation and won the battle against the termination of critical health at RGK Medical College and Hospital. Thirty-four-year-old Moumita Mali, was not covid postive but had a miscarriage at home which caused serious complications to force her to support life. The Bhadrakali dweller was taken to the Motivation and Gynecology Department on March 11 with abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. She had a history of abortion. Physicians immediately conduct an ERPC under general anesthesia, a procedure to remove pregnancy tissue from the womb after an abortion. Gynecologist Aparna Mandal called for the involvement of an ENT team by treatment Indranath Kundu and anesthesiologist Rajiv Ganguly due to the patient’s complex condition from the CCU team. Repeated endoscopic and open ENT surgeries were performed under ventilation to manage tracheal problems and tracheostomy problems.
“I had given up hope. The doctors, specially Saugata Dasgupta and his team at the CCU, were so patient and gave all their efforts to give my wife back to me. I am indebted. ” Said husband Avijit mali, a fish vendor.


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